Peter Jackson Working On New Project With Surviving Beatles


Fresh off the multiple Emmy noms for his groundbreaking six-hour-plus documentary The Beatles: Get Back — director Peter Jackson has another Beatles-related project in the works.

While chatting with Deadline, Jackson, still best knowd for his The Lord Of The Rings saga, revealed, “I’m talking to the Beatles about another project, something very, very different than Get Back. We’re seeing what the possibilities are, but it’s another project with them. It’s not really a documentary. . . and that’s all I can really say.”

Peter Jackson shed light on his key roll in sepatating John Lennon's footage and audio from the group's January 30th, 1969 rooftop performance that's enabled Paul McCartney to duet virtually with his late-partner on “I've Got A Feeling” during his recent concerts: “I had that idea when I started working on Get Back, four years ago. We had access to all that footage, and to do something like that, you need the footage. The shots have to be right. I didn’t mention it to Paul. I thought, 'Suggesting to Paul that he sing onstage with John, he’s going to think I’m a fanboy geek idiot.'”

Jackson attended McCartney's 2019 Dodger Stadium concert and filmed McCartney durting the song in preperation of presenting him a computer generated presentation of how the “duet” could possibly work: “When he did 'I’ve Got A Feeling, I sat there with my phone. I held it really still and filmed, with the idea I would take that in the cutting room and do a mockup, a simple CGI proof of concept. I sent him a text. I didn’t send him the mockup version, just a text trying to describe it to him. Within 10 minutes, he replied to me: 'Yeah, this is a fantastic idea; let’s go do it.' Then it was a frantic rush to restore frames that were missing from that long shot of John from Let It Be. But Paul was thrilled by it.”

During his 2018 chat at the Liverpool College Of Art with Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, Paul McCartney was asked whom he would choose to work with considering all the musicians he's played with over the decades: “Of all the ones I've worked with, it would be fellow Beatles. It would be John (Lennon) — who was pretty cool — and George (Harrison), and Ringo (Starr). Y'know, having worked with John, so one on one, I got to see his brilliance before the world did. So, y'know, I would get to hear 'Across The Universe,' and 'Julia' and some of these songs, y'know, and I'm a big fan.”

Paul McCartney On Choosing The Beatles To Work With :