Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready ‘Dying To Go Back On The Road’


Pearl Jam's Mike McCready is seeing the light at the end of the Covid tunnel and feels as though Pearl Jam might be gearing up to tour soon. The guitarist spoke to Spin and admitted being bummed that the band never found out how its latest album Gigaton would've come together in concert: “I was so ready to see what was going to work. Was 'Dance Of The Clairvoyants' gonna work live? Could we pull that off? Could we pull off some of the stuff that’s on that record? You never know until you start playing.”

Above all else, McCready revealed he misses his bandmates: “I feel out of touch musically with them because I haven’t played with them for so long. I’m sick of just playing by myself. I do that a lot. I learned how to do GarageBand. But it’s never as exciting as when you’re playing with someone else.”

He went on to say, “We’re in a position where we were lucky, and I want the young bands and singers and songwriters who need to go out there and make money to do that. The same with the clubs. That’s more important than me whining about me not being able to play something on Gigaton. There’s something to get out of the interaction with other musicians that I don’t have right now and I’m dying for us to go back on the road and play some shows.”

Mike McCready said a while back that his bandmates in Pearl Jam have helped him through his struggles: “The band has stuck by me in those situations a hundred times. Stone (Gossard) specifically has definitely kind of got me. . . I'm glad that I'm still in the band, I'm glad that I'm still alive in all these kind of situations, and Stone has been integral in keeping me in this thing, and as I think everybody else has been that way too, so I feel very positive to be in it. It is a close, cohesive unit when it comes to that.”

Mike McCready Says Rest Of Pearl Jam Has Helped Him Through Rough Times :