Pearl Jam Expanding ‘Gigaton’ Album With Live Disc


Set for release on July 8th exclusively at independent record stores, is the expanded version of Pearl Jam's 2020 album Gigaton, with an entire bonus disc of the album performed live. The new "tour edition" of the set features all 11 of the album's tunes the band have tackled live culled from their fall 2021 performances at the Sea.Hear.Now festival on the Jersey Shore, and Eddie Vedder’s Ohana festival in California. posted, "(The songs) are presented in a different order than on Gigaton, with 'Superblood Wolfmoon' opening the disc and 'Who Ever Said' moving from the first to ninth spot in the running order. The song 'Comes Then Goes' is not present, as the band has yet to perform it live for unknown reasons."

Pearl Jam’s Ten Club fan organization will get the jump at ordering the live disc as a standalone item.

Guitarist Stone Gossard told us a while back that Pearl Jam feels like its songwriting is as strong as ever after so many years: ["We're still writing songs in a way that, we don't take it — we haven't started hiring people to write songs for us, or feeling like we can't do it ourselves. And we keep being rewarded for our work that we do with each other and the chances we take in terms of trusting each other and songwriting and collaboration and all that stuff."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . all that stuff)

Pearl Jam is currently on tour in Europe and performs on Thursday (June 30th) in Werchter, Belgium at the Rock Werchter Festival. 

The band's next North American date is set for September 1st in Quebec City at Videotron Centre.    

The tracklisting for Pearl Jam's Gigaton live disc is:

"Superblood Wolfmoon" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Dance Of The Clairvoyants" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Quick Escape" (Live at Sea.Hear.Now Festival)
"Seven O’Clock" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Alright" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Never Destination" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Take The Long Way" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Buckle Up" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Who Ever Said" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"Retrograde" (Live at Ohana Festival)
"River Cross" (Live at Ohana Festival)

Stone Gossard Says Pearl Jam Still Feels Good About Songwriting :