Paul McCartney Publishes Latest Children’s Book


Paul McCartney has just published his latest animated picture book, Grandude's Green Submarine. The book, written by "Macca" and once again illustrated by artist Kathryn Durst, is the follow-up to the former-Beatle's Number One New York Times bestseller, Hey Grandude.

According to the press release:

Grandude’s inventions are the stuff of legend, and his new green submarine doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it flies as well as submerges! Grandude whisks the grandkids off on another adventure, but he and the Chillers soon find themselves in a pickle. Suddenly, it’s Nandude to the rescue!

Nandude is an explorer as courageous as Grandude, with an amazing accordion-ship to boot! Between Grandude’s magic compass and Nandude’s magical music, everyone arrives home safely. But not before enjoying a parade, dancing rainforest animals, and a narrow escape from a grabby octopus.

Paul McCartney, who has produced several animated featurettes over the years — including 1984's Rupert And The Frog Song and 1997's Tropic Island Hum — told us that he personally prefers the old-fashioned way of creating cartoons: ["I always have been in love with the sort of hand drawn thing. What we do nowadays, is we actually combine computer technology, but I still like that old look I still think it's a very artistic look. I actually prefer it to the completely computer look."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC. . . completely computer look)

Paul McCartney Prefers Hand Drawn Animation :