Ozzy Osbourne Set For Halftime Show At NFL Kickoff


Ozzy Osbourne will perform the halftime show on Thursday, September 8th at L.A.'s SoFi Stadium when the Los Angeles Rams take on the Buffalo Bills. Ozzy's latest album, Patient Number 9, drops the next day on September 9th.

The Prince of Darkness told us a while back that he has no definitive plans to retire: ["I don't wanna stop, you know. It's been the biggest love affair of my life. When you reach a certain age in rock 'n' roll, people think, 'Well, this has got to be his last tour,' or 'This has got to be his last tour,' or 'You've got to come next Tuesday 'cause he ain't gonna do it after that.' You'll know when I've come off the road permanently. I mean, you'll know!"] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . mean you'll know)

Ozzy Osbourne Says He Doesn’t Want To Stop :