Ozzy Osbourne: ‘If The President Says Something I Do The Opposite’


During a recent radio interview, Ozzy Osbourne said that when it comes to COVID-19, he does the opposite of what President Trump advises the public to do. He said, “Whether you like the government or whether you don’t, whatever… Dr. Fauci, all these virologist people have given us what we should do — wear a mask, wash hands, social distance.” He added, “If the president says something I do the opposite. He changes his mind every hour. I mean, literally, I am going ‘what?"”

He also spoke on managing mental health, saying, “People have got to learn to start sharing their feelings with someone they trust, because people are locked up and worried about this pandemic and whatever need to unload because if you don’t unload you are going to get depressed. And if you get depressed who knows what’s going to happen.”

He continued, “If you’ve got a best friend or you got someone who you trust, don’t be afraid to share. Because you know what? We are all in the sh*thole right now. We are all in an environment we don’t want to be in. When I’m in a room in my head on my own it’s a bad f*cking place, my head never tells me anything f*cking good.”=