New Ozzy Osbourne Single Features Jeff Beck, Drops On Friday


Ozzy Osbourne has posted a teaser online for his new single, "Patient Number 9," which features Jeff Beck and drops on Friday (June 24th). Blabbermouth reported, "Legendary artist and comic book creator Todd McFarlane is also tagged in the post, suggesting that McFarlane animated the song's accompanying music video."

There been no word on the still-unnamed album's release date, although it's expected to be released in September.

Ozzy Osbourne recently battled not only Covid but is recuperating from "life-altering" surgery that involved removing and realigning pins in his neck and back. He told us a while back that he appreciates being alive and sober more than ever: ["We all take life for granted, y'know, and nobody wants to talk about the fact that any of us could go to bed one night and never wake up again. We just take life for granted. I was under the influence of one chemical or another for so long that the joy of just coming around, waking up now without a hangover is great, y'know."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . is great y'know)

Ozzy Osbourne On Not Taking Life For Granted :