Neil Young Now Re-Considering Suing Trump Over Song Use


Neil Young is backtracking on whether he will sue Donald Trump for using his 1989 classic "Rockin' In The Free Word" at his campaign events. Earlier this month, Young posted that he would NOT take legal action against the President for his use of Young's song posting on his website:

Because you are in charge of the Covid 19 response here in the USA, I will not sue you, (as certainly is my right) potentially distracting from your important work at hand protecting and saving American lives. With the enormous power you wield on our behalf, I wish you all the best in your critical battle to save American souls from this threat. I know you will do your best for all Americans, regardless of political leanings. I give you my encouragement in your efforts to Unify America.

Now, in the face of the paramilitary attacks on protesters, Young is backtracking, posting, "I am changing my mind about suing President Trump. Reconsidering. I’m looking at it again. There is a long history to consider and I originally considered it, deciding not to pursue. But then President Trump ordered thugs in uniform onto our streets. His idea. He ordered it himself. This all DJT."

He went on to write: "Trump has no respect for our military. They are now to be used on the streets of America against law-abiding citizens for a political charade orchestrated by a challenged president. . . These are thugs with no IDs shooting Americans on the streets. They are not our police. Our police should arrest these untrained thugs for breaking our laws. . . Imagine what it’s like to hear 'Rockin' In The Free World' after this president speaks, like it is his theme song. I did not write it for that."