More Neil Young Archival Shows Coming This Fall


Neil Young will be rolling out a pair of archival projects over the next few months, according to his official website, Neil Young Archives. First up on November 6th is Return To Greendale, a live show from Young's 2003 Greendale tour. Coming on December 6th is a new album and film, titled Way Down In The Rust Bucket, which chronicles a Crazy Horse club show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California from November 13th, 1990.

Young is also hard at work prepping the second volume of his massive Neil Young Archives box set, which will likely cover 1973 to 1978.
He's also working on a concert movie, The Timeless Orpheum, which was filmed on January 28th, 2019 at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theater. There's been no release dates for either project.

Neil Young explained his constant yearning to shake things up in his career: ["Well, it's always a different reason. During the '80s, I think that's when I got this reputation for changing all the time, 'cause in the '70s I never had this reputation. I didn't change that much, I just did the same thing one way and then another way, just like I've always done. But in the '80s, it got into a period where I felt like, why continue. . . I couldn't get into what I had been doing — 'couldn't get into a lot of things that formerly I could get into. They just seemed like they were old. It was more like a disguise than it was style, or something."] SOUNDCUE (:35 OC: . . style or something)

Neil Young On Changing Styles :