Mick Jagger Tests Positive For Covid, Amsterdam Gig Postponed


The Rolling Stones were forced to pull out of their Amsterdam stadium show last night (June 13th) only hours before hitting the stage after Mick Jagger tested positive for Covid. There's been no word whether the band's next show set for Thursday, June 17th in Bern, Switzerland has also been scrapped.

Mick Jagger posted a message on Instagram to fans, which read:

I’m so sorry that we’ve had to postpone the Amsterdam show with such short notice tonight. I have unfortunately just tested positive for Covid. We aim to reschedule the date ASAP and get back as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


Although Mick Jagger will turn 79 next month, that doesn't mean that he pulls any punches or holds anything back once he hits the stage: ["Listen, when you do it at 19, you do things you can't (laughs) do at my age. But I still try to make the show as (laughs) energetic as I can make it."] SOUNDCUE (:07 OC: . . . can make it)

Mick Jagger On Keeping The Stones Shows Energetic :