Mick Jagger Says ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ For New Stones Album


Although work continues on the next Rolling Stones studio album — Mick Jagger admits that it's still a long way's away from release. The Stones' last all-original collection was 2005's A Bigger Bang, and they've been frequently recording since 2012. 2016's Grammy Award-winning Blue And Lonesome set was actually recorded in the midst of the Stones' original album sessions.

During his recent chat with Apple Music, Mick Jagger revealed that the band knows a new Stones album in this day and age will be a major event — and is leaving nothing to chance as they cull their best material: ["It's so long ago, that you want it to be really good. So, I don't want it to just be a good album — I want it to be great (laughs), y'know? So, I'm very hard on myself, y'know, if I write something, or if I write something with Keith (Richards), or whatever — it can't just be good. We've been recording and we've got some really good stuff — But, I mean, don't hold your breath."] SOUNDCUE (: 19 OC: . . . hold your breath)

New York Stones fan Carl Denaro made the trip down to Charlotte to catch the band last week at Bank Of America Stadium. He told us he's still amazed by the band — especially Mick Jagger: ["I tell you, it was everything I hoped for — and maybe even better. Y'know, when you talk about music, you hate to lead with the guy's physical ability; but the guy's 78-years-old, he's got more energy than a 20-year-old. He was sometimes running so fast, you couldn't even keep track of where he was on the stage. It was unbelievable."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC : . . . it was unbelievable)

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