Metallica Posts Raw 1989 Show Online


Metallica's ongoing vintage video series, dubbed “Metallica Mondays,” features the final show of the band's tour in support of . . . And Justice For All. Brooklyn Vegan reported he show captures the band on September 23rd, 1989 at Southern California's Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, featuring a setlist spanning the band's first four albums — along with covers of tunes by the Misfits, Killing Joke, Diamond Head, and Budgie during the encores. Although the footage is from a strictly late-'80s handheld bootleg-quality camcorder, Metallica has synched it with their own soundboard of the show.

Over the decades, Metallica have undoubtedly performed on the biggest stages on the planet in front of tremendous crowds. Drummer Lars Ulrich told us what he's most concerned with when playing on a big stage: “When you're playing on a stage that size, it's really important to kind of always know, y'know, where's James and it's just about eye contact. The hardest thing that we do actually is playing — when we play indoors we play in the round, and a lot of times when we're in the round I can't see any of the other three guys. That's when you really have to sort of rely on your instincts and your intuition and so on.”

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich On His Biggest Concern Playing On Large Stages :