Lindsey Buckingham Confident Better Days Lay Ahead


Lindsey Buckingham is confident there better days ahead as we battle back against the ongoing pandemic. On December 5th, the former-Fleetwood Mac leader offered up his first pay-per-view At Home With Lindsey Buckingham Live Concert and hinted that the model for the show might be the basis for a future album or tour.

Between songs, Buckingham spoke about our current time — with one eye decidedly on the future: ["We've had a difficult years with all that's gone on; some might say a difficult four years. But, I think that from my personal experiences of the last few years — my separation from Fleetwood Mac, having a bypass after that, and then, of course, the pandemic — y'know, it's been a series of events that I didn't see coming and certainly we've all had to deal with these things in our own way. All I can say is that I truly believe that what's coming in the next few years is gonna make total sense out of what has been and it's going to be very healing for all of us."] SOUNDCUE (:36 OC: . . . all of us)

Lindsey Buckingham On Better Times Ahead :