Kiss Set For New Vegas Residency


Kiss will round out 2021 and usher in the New Year with an extended Las Vegas run. Blabbermouth reported Gene Simmons revealed the band's plans while at the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes, publicizing his new “ArtWorks” collection of paintings and drawings.

Simmons said, “We are gonna be at Zappos (Theater at Planet Hollywood) in Las Vegas starting December 27th. That's right, even through New Year's. And we'll be here through February. But in the middle of the Kiss tour that's going around the world. . . we’ll be nice and greased-up by the time we get there.”

The Kiss bassist went on to joke: “It's going to be a great party. It’s going to be a great show. There will be human sacrifices. Farm animals will not be harmed.”

Gene Simmons told us that attending a Kiss concert should be viewed as nothing less than a religious rock experience: “There's something else going on, that somehow words don't really get to — in the same way that, perhaps, when you think about a, a Southern Baptist church revival. Your spirit is lifted when you walk out of there. You feel glad to be alive another day. I'd like to think that when you leave our show, you feel exhilarated — physically exhausted, but there's something to talk about.”

Kiss resumes its “End Of The Road” tour on August 18th in Mansfield, Massachusetts at Xfinity Center.


Gene Simmons had some harsh words for anti-vaxxers — especially those planning to attend Kiss' upcoming shows, telling Ultimate Classic Rock, “My druthers would be that everybody is mandated to get vaccines. I hope everybody is going to be wearing their masks. But we can only control what we can control and different states and different countries have different rules.”

He added, “Backstage, we’re not doing any meet and greets. Obviously, we’re giving up a pretty penny, because fans pay a premium to come up and take photos and stuff. That’s gone. We are not allowing roadies or anybody else to be anywhere backstage unless they’re vaccinated and the masks are on the whole time.”

He slammed the anti-vaxxers who claim they have a right to do as they choose regarding their health decisions: “(They say) 'I have my rights, don’t tell me what to do.' Which is curious, because you do not have the right to drive down the highway in a car without a seatbelt. You must stop at a red light. That’s not a right you have. And you don’t have the right to walk naked down the street. These are not life-threatening ideas. We’re talking about a f***in’ pandemic and people are fighting it.”

Simmons, who appeared with Donald Trump on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, touched on what he feels is the cause for the cultural divide regarding vaccinations: “I blame our former president. I knew the man before he entered politics. But he got vaccinated and so have most of the other party. . . I’m not worried — and it’s unkind to say this — I’m not worried if an idiot gets Covid and dies. I’m worried he takes other people with him. Who didn’t have a choice. It doesn’t have to be death. Being in a hospital is horrific. There are so many cases of people who were deniers and who are begging in the hospital to get the vaccine. But it’s too late.” (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Gene Simmons Says A Kiss Show Is Like A Religious Experience :