Julian Lennon Drops Two New Tracks From Upcoming Album


Julian Lennon has released "Save Me" and "Breathe" — two new tracks from his upcoming album, Jude, set for release on September 9th. The new album, which will be his first issued via the BMG imprint, marks his first since 2011’s Everything Changes. The album's name comes from the Beatles' song "Hey Jude" — which Paul McCartney originally wrote for Julian as "Hey Jules."

In the album's original press release, Julian shed light on the new material, explaining, "Many of these songs have been in the works for several years, so it almost feels like a coming-of-age album. With great respect for the overwhelming significance of the song written for me, the title Jude conveys the very real journey of my life that these tracks represent."

Julian Lennon hasn't toured since 1999 and told us that he has very specific ideas as to how he wants to make his stage return: ["Believe you me, I wanna do live dates but I also wanna make sure the show's right and I also wanna do it in the right way, the way I wanna do it. I wanna work with partial orchestras — y'know, so even though it'll be rock n' roll, a lot of the material that I do do, or have written is very thematic (with a lot of) great orchestration. And I did one show in Hong Kong with a full orchestra and it was the most amazing experience."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . most amazing experience)

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