Jonathan Cain’s Daughter Marrying Steve Lukather’s Son


Madison Cain, the daughter of Journey's Jonathan Cain is engaged to Trev Lukather, the son of Toto co-founder, Steve Lukather, according to Blabbermouth.

During an appearance on the Behind The Vinyl podcast, Lukather joked about at all the flack he and Cain will catch from the elite rock press — which has never had much respect to either multi-platinum selling band: “You can imagine all these hipster critics going, like… they'd lose their mind, 'You mean there's gonna be a Toto/Journey baby? Nooooo!' I can just see Jann Wenner's head of Rolling Stone explode and take a f***ing box cutter and cut his throat, y'know what I mean? So for that, I laugh. But she's a wonderful girl. And I love Jonathan. I'm a huge fan of Journey. Those guys are my friends, y'know what I mean, and I respect the f*** out of them. But there's an irony to this that you just can't deny.”

Lukather now leads Toto as the sole remaining original member in the touring ensemble. He went on to say, “Jonathan was laughing. We've both been mistreated by the press since day one, y'know what I mean, and now the combination of the two has gotta be, like, 'Noooo! What if it's a musician? Noooooo!' Get ready to be a meme, that's all I said. It's a good thing I have a sense of humor about it because when this gets out, the amount of s*** that people are gonna give us is hilarious. You've gotta have a sense of humor, dude.”

Although he can joke about it today, Steve Lukather admitted that Toto still wears the scars from the critical lashings they received from the rock press over the years: “There’s no other band like that, which is so funny why we get so much s*** from the mainstream rock press. Y’know, that hurt us, too. These guys just went for us, man: ‘The worst band ever,’ y’know – ‘fake musicians,’ y’know — ‘put together by corporations like Sony,’ or something like that, which was a bunch of lies. We were a high school band that could play well.”

Steve Lukather On Toto Being Bashed By Rock Press :