John Oates Releasing Live Americana Set In September


Set for release on September 18th is John Oates' latest solo set, Live From Nashville, which features his touring ensemble, the Good Road Band. The set was captured last January 9th at "Music City's" Station Inn, while Oates was on the road in support of his critically acclaimed Americana collection, Arkansas, which combined new original material with a combination of classics popularized by such legends as Mississippi John Hurt, Jimmy Rodgers, and Don Gibson.

John Oates said in the album's announcement: "This album represents a full-circle moment for me. It feels like the culmination of the Arkansas project, being able to bring these guys back, and to be able to make this record after touring and playing so many shows together. I was always fascinated by this rural Americana Appalachian music, which opened the door for me to John Lee Hooker and other blues artists long before the British Invasion turned kids on to them. I always preferred the originals myself."

John Oates admitted that his current music, with its scaled back sound and folk influences, he's finally truly showing his musical stripes: ["Now that I've had a chance to establish myself and people see how committed I am to it, it's totally being accepted and I think for the first time people are actually seeing my true musical personality."] SOUNDCUE (:11 OC: . . . true musical personality)

John Oates On Being Accepted As An Americana Artist :