Jimmy Page Worries About The State Of Music In The Covid Era


In a new interview with GQ magazine, Jimmy Page admitted he's worried about the state of live music in the Covid era. Page has just published the mass trade edition of Jimmy Page: The Anthology. The book documents Jimmy Page’s musical career through "selected material from his rich personal archives."

Regarding the sidelining of musician plying their trade due to the ongoing pandemic, the Led Zeppelin co-founder said, "It's such a very sad and desperate time and what this virus has done internationally to families, to the arts, and everything we love and hold dear and the whole concert situation, it does worry me. I will never be one of those people who'll record alone and send someone a file. I never went into music in the first place to do that, it was for playing together and this is what it means."

Page went on to explain the importance of music connecting people: "We need to play with people, we need gigs and we need community. Because without that, music means nothing. Playing live is so important for young musicians. When we were young, we all had these little gigs, hoping to play somewhere bigger and it's such an important part of that communion of musicians playing together. For me, it's always been the most important thing."

Jimmy Page explained that he’s proud and flattered that his music has become an inspiration for budding musicians all over the world: ["It’s really nice to know that guitarists are inspired by the work that I’ve done and then it passes on. So you pass it back on so other musicians can have the inspiration that music can give you — not necessarily mine — but just music generally.”] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . but music generally)

Jimmy Page On Inspiring Musicians :