Jimmy Page Offering Fine prints From ‘Anthology’ Photo Book


On sale now is Jimmy Page: The Anthology Portfolio Fine Art Print Series. The Led Zeppelin guitarist is sharing hundreds of items from his private collection including stage costumes, equipment, and instruments from throughout his career. The trade version of Page's Anthology book will be published on September 8th via Genesis Publications.

According to the press release, "The collection has been specially photographed under Jimmy Page’s art direction, from the curation of the items, to the lighting and the composition. Each photograph tells a story, revealing fine details such as the stitching, the wood grain, the wear and tear — all the marks of a phenomenal rock and roll career. Page has selected a number of photographs from the book to be made available as large format (20-inch-by-30-inch) archival prints."

The photos are presented in artist editions of only 75 numbered copies, with each print is signed by Jimmy Page, along with a certificate of authenticity accompanying the final framed artwork. Printed in lightfast Giclée inks onto 100 percent cotton rag paper.

Page said in a statement: "I wanted to include items from my personal archive that have played a part in my career over 60 years, to illustrate the detail behind the detail."

Jimmy Page explained that even with identical musical gear, a guitar player's creative fingerprint will always shine through: ["Through the years, guitarists that you know — certainly within the electric guitar — will say if you had four guitarists that you know and a guitar and an amplifier there, they would come and play it and they would sound exactly like they sound. Because of the tactile aspect of the instrument is feeling, an incredible phenomenon — but it's absolutely true. And yet, I would play it and I wouldn't sound anything like any of them."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . any of them)

Jimmy Page On The Sound Of His Guitar :