Heart’s Ann Wilson Drops Free Live EP


Heart's Ann Wilson has just released Howlen Live, a live EP performed with her solo band the Amazing Dawgs. The set is available as a free download, and features Wilson's Heart classics "Crazy On You" and "Barracuda," the new song "Black Wing," and a cover of Queen's iconic ballad, "Love Of My Life."

Ann Wilson posted on social media:

As we finished up the leg in June, it became clear to me that we made some real magic out there, so I've decided to release a number of those performances. . . Please enjoy that taste! There's much more where that came from.

I can't wait to see you beautiful people at these upcoming August shows!

Love & respect always,

Ann Wilson told us that it's a mixed blessing going out on the road without the big Heart machine: ["No matter how much, y'know, I talk about this beforehand and I say, 'Well, y'know, this is not Heart — I am gonna do some songs — but it's not the old thing, y'know?' People will come and go, "Hey, y'know, where's 'Magic Man?' (Laughs) So, yeah, I do have to walk a line just enough and not too much to keep myself really inspired."] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . myself really inspired)

For download info, log on to: https://annwilson1.bandcamp.com/album/howlen-live

Ann Wilson On Staying Inspired On Solo Tour :