Great White’s Guitarist Mark Kendall Talks Working On New Music


Great White's guitarist Mark Kendall has spoken out about working on new music. 

According to Blabbermouth, during an interview with Ernest Skinner of Border City Rock Talk, Kendall explained, "I've been writing like crazy and going into the studio, making demos. I've been going down to Tracy G's [Grijalva], a former guitar player that was in DIO, [and he] was in a band called WORLD WAR III with Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain. He has a studio that's more conducive than what I have here. He does a lot of records there and stuff, and it's just a home studio, but it's more ready to go. I just show up and I make songs just to present to the band. 'Cause when we all get together, everybody throws in their ideas and we work on things together as a band. So I've been doing that, but my bass player just went through back surgery — Scott [Snyder] just had back surgery. He's doing much better. So, as soon as he is up and running, we're gonna get together and get a record together."

He continued, "We're not sure how we're gonna do it yet. We haven't really had a lot of meetings about that. Are we gonna put out a 12-song thing or are we just gonna put out maybe five songs at a time? The world has changed so much, we're not really sure. We wanna speak to some people and see what the best way to do it."

Mark Kendall says he's still working on new music with Brett Carlisle, who was named the band's new vocalist in October 2022.