Graham Nash Releasing Live Set Of First Two Solo Albums


Set for release on May 6th is Graham Nash: Live, according to Best Classic Bands. The set is culled from four 2019 concerts where he performed his first two solo sets — his 1971's Songs For Beginners and its 1974 followup, Wild Tales in their entirety. Backing Nash on the collection are his longtime touring companions — guitarist Shane Fontayne and keyboardist Todd Caldwell.

Graham Nash: Live was mixed by Grammy Award winner Kevin Killen and mastered by Grammy Award winner Bob Ludwig.

Nash spoke about the new album explaining, “All the things we stood for, that love is better than hatred, that peace is better than war, that we have to take care of our fellow human beings, because that’s all we have on this planet – those things are still true today. I need to know that I’ve brought something into the world that was positive and not negative.”

Back in 2019, when announcing the solo album shows, Nash posted, “The experience of revisiting the music I made almost 50 years ago, live in front of an audience, gives me the chance to actually play the songs as was envisioned those many years ago. Each 'side' of the album was programmed as a short 20-minute suite, a musical journey to be taken not really knowing or caring where that journey would take the listener. I look forward to rediscovering my music and sharing it with the audience.”

Graham Nash, who's currently back on the road with Shane Fontayne and Todd Caldwell, told us that he's long ago set his ego aside to create the best show possible for both the casual and die-hard fan: “The ticket prices are exorbitant nowadays, y'know? And it's hard to earn a dollar. So we want to give as much value as we can. So instead of saying, 'Well, y'know, I don't wanna do 'Our House,' its so old; I'll do 'Our House' at the drop of a hat, because y'know what? It makes people feel good — and what's the price of that?”

The tracklisting to 'Graham Nash: Live' is:

“Military Madness”
“Better Days”
“Wounded Bird”
“I Used To Be A King”
“Be Yourself”
“Simple Man”
“Man In The Mirror”
“There’s Only One”
“Sleep Song”
“Chicago/We Can Change The World”
“Wild Tales”
“Hey You (Looking At The Moon)”
“Prison Song”
“You’ll Never Be The Same”
“And So It Goes”
“Grave Concern”
“Oh Camil (The Winter Soldier)”
“I Miss You”
“On The Line”
“Another Sleep Song”

Graham Nash On Value For Fans’ Money :