Graham Nash Keeping CSNY’s Legacy Alive On Tour


Graham Nash is back out on tour making a concerted effort to bring the music of his friends and partners to the masses. Backing Nash on the road are his longtime touring companions — guitarist Shane Fontayne and keyboardist Todd Caldwell.

Nash told us that even though Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young are a thing of the past — his setlists keep the music alive every night: ["One of the things that I'm loving is that we've been trying a lot of different songs. It's very interesting — I've been doing 'Country Girl' by Neil Young, I've been doing 'A Case Of You' of Joni Mitchell's. I've been doing '4+20' of Stephen (Stills'). I realize (David) Crosby's not going to go out (on tour) anymore, I don't believe. I think he's done. I think Stephen is not going out soon anytime — and who the hell knows what Neil's doing —  not even Neil knows, probably. But I realize that if (the audience) wants to hear any of that music there's only one place they can see it right now: That's me."] SOUNDCUE (: 33 OC: . . . now that's me)

Graham Nash On Performing His Bandmates Music :