Genesis Feels Current Tour Is Final Goodbye


Although nothing has been definitively decided, after Genesis wraps its North American tour in December, its more than likely the band will be calling it a day. Frontman Phil Collins, who has also recently toured Europe and North American on his own, revealed Mojo, "This English and American tour, that will be enough for me."

Keyboardist Tony Banks, who remains the most optimistic about the group's future prospects even admitted, "I think it depends a little bit how it all goes. How Phil stands up to it all. How the audience receives it and how we all feel about it, really. . . If you start trying to do another album, and it doesn’t work, it’s a risk. I don’t necessarily see the point, really. . . Y’know, we’re sort of putting it to bed, I think, pretty much, this time around."

Guitarist/bassist Mike Rutherford added: "We’re a good age. I sort of think, I’ve been doing it for over 50 years. It’s a long time. I’ve loved it. But at the same time you can’t get too lost in work. And it’s a different music world out there. It’s very foreign to me. We caught a rather nice time, I think. It was a blank canvas. No rules, really."

Prior to the band hitting the road this time out, we had asked Tony Banks if it was fair to believe Genesis was winding down for good: ["I sort of think it is in some ways, isn't it? But that would never stop you from doing it again if something comes up. And I think the box sets, to me, were the things I really enjoyed doing because. . . for the chance to go over the old material and make it sound, y'know, as good as we possibly could, I felt. As far as everything else, the playing is something that could always be done at any time. I can't see us ever doing any writing together again. But in terms of doing it again — it's always a possibility. We're all getting on a bit now. I know Mick Jagger's out there — but even so."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . but even so)

Tony Banks On Genesis Ending :