Gene Simmons Would Be Open To Kiss Continuing With New Members


Gene Simmons as shared that he's open to Kiss continuing on with four new members.

The legendary rock group will be ending their careers next month with the finale of their End of the Road Tour.

Simmons told Rolling Stone, "You want to go out while you’re on top. And remember, we introduce ourselves with, 'You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest mofo band on the planet, KISS.' At some point, those words are not going to mean very much, when I’m in my rocket-propelled wheelchair with a hot nurse pushing me around."

When asked if he'd let other musicians keep the Kiss name going, Simmons said, "I’m totally open to that idea. Why not pass the baton, pass the crown to four new, young people who are deserving?"

Following their final show, the rock group is set to have a biopic on Netflix, premiering in 2024.