Fans Get First Glimpse Of New Beatles Doc


It looks although fans have gotten a sneak peak of some of Peter Jackson's Get Back movie featuring outtakes from the Beatles' Let It Be film. In the new promotional video for the tie-in book of the film, there are a handful of movie clips frozen into the animated turning of the pages, which shows the remastered January 1969 footage in incredible, lifelike visuals.

The Let It Be project has long been renown for spotlighting the Beatles' split and the ultimate breakdown of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's partnership. In the early years of the band's split, John Lennon admittedly went over the line when bashing McCartney — slamming him personally, along with his extended family, and the music he made in the years following the group's breakup. Paul McCartney admitted he took it all with a grain of salt: ["It doesn't mean I didn't get hurt when he said hurtful things about me. But I knew from my relationship with him, that the kind of person John was, was that he was quite likely to say that about anyone — but not necessarily likely to mean it. He often said things he didn't mean. And I know that when he died, that was one of the great things that Yoko did for me; was that she took me aside, kinda, and said, 'Y'know, he did love you.' She was gracious enough to do that for me, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . for me y'know)

Paul McCartney On John Lennon’s Meanness :