Elvis Costello Drops Kiss-Off Single To 2020


Elvis Costello dropped a surprise year-capping song in the waning hours of the decade, titled "Farewell, OK 2020." The D.I.Y.-sounding track isn't that far off from his critically acclaimed 2020 collection, Hey Clockface.

Critics have long tried to categorize Elvis Costello's music throughout the decades. He told us that pigeonholing any type of art ultimately saps it of any originality: ["All these labels — when they called it 'jazz,' originally, they weren't saying a good thing. Y'know, they were actually denigrating the music. They called it 'rock n' roll' — it was slang for something that was taboo, but it was also used to denigrate the music. Y'know, sometimes the labels that are attached to things are a way of confining it. When I started out, they wanted to say what we were doing as distinct from punk was 'new wave.' It meant nothing to me because I never identified myself with such an idea, y'know?'] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . an idea y'know)

Elvis Costello On Labelling Music :