Elton John Resurrects 1983 ‘Cold As Christmas’ Video


Although not necessarily an Elton John yuletide classic — that distinction goes to 1973's “Step Into Christmas” — a long unseen video of the “Rocket Man's” has finally been posted online. Originally featured on 1983's Too Low For Zero, the fan-favorite “Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)” is getting renewed interest from its inclusion on the new Elton: Jewel Box collection.

The video was posted on Elton's social media outlets with a message stating: “The video for 'Cold as Christmas' is now online for the first ever time. Often associated with this time of year, the song actually tells the story of two lovers drifting apart during a Caribbean summer.”

Around the time of Too Low For Zero, Elton was asked what he thought fans made of him well into his second decade of super-stardom: “I don't know. I think people still think I walk around in eight-inch-high heel shoes and wear sparkly glasses. I think people still think of me like that. I don't think about it too much. I'm a little chameleon. I, sort of, change my colors all the time. Y'know, I like adapting to any situation all the time. I don't really think about my image, actually.”

Elton John On His Image :