Eddie Vedder Performs ’80s Cure Classic In Concert


Eddie Vedder surprised fans with his first-ever live rendition of the Cure's 1987 classic "Just Like Heaven." Spin reported that on Friday night (October 7th) during Vedder's show-closing stand at Las Vegas’ Dolby Live at Park MGM with his side band the Earthlings, the Pearl Jam frontman performed the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me standout, telling the crowd about the Covid-era dance parties he and wife Jill would host.

Vedder recalled, "I will always have great memories of those incredible dance parties. The kids would come in and check on us and kind of get embarrassed and have to leave, but we had a f***in' blast. This is one of the ones that we would play. We’ve never played it before — we only played it about an hour ago right before we came out, but we’re gonna try it now."