Doobie Brother Tom Johnston Says Virtual Projects A Great Substitute For The Road


The Doobie Brothers' new virtual teamup with old friend Peter Frampton on Eric Clapton's "Let It Rain" is a classic rock dream come true. Frampton — who was such a Doobies fan back in the mid-'70s, he wrote his own "Doobie Wah" as a salute to the Bay Area rockers.

We caught up with Doobie Brothers co-founder and guitarist Tom Johnston, who shed light on how the collaboration was set in motion: ["It's great having Peter on board and I love that song. I've always loved that song and it was just a fun project to do. Peter and I were chatting about doing a song and about maybe even doing a video and his keyboard player (Rob Arthur) is also a very good videographer and has been taking video of Peter on the road for two years. It's been a great substitute for being on the road, I guess you could call it. And it's not the same — I mean, you're obviously not on a bus, you're not traveling, and you're not seeing huge crowds — but at least it's creative and it requires a lot of work. You'd be surprised how much time it takes to get some of these things done."] SOUNDCUE (: 34 OC: . . . things done)

The '70s legends last hit the road together back in 2014 with the Doobies opening for Frampton during a string of shed dates.

Tom Johnston On Doobies – Peter Frampton Collaboration :