Def Leppard Drops New ‘Take What You Want’ Single


Def Leppard have just released "Take What You Want" — the second track from the band's new album, Diamond Star Halo, which drops on May 27th. The album marks the band's first new studio album since its 2015 self-titled set.

Frontman Joe Elliott told us that the band has been together for so long, that they've come full circle and are more comfortable in sounding like Def Leppard than ever before: ["They have to have our identity in them or they might as well be Tom Waits, y'know, or R.E.M. We have a signature sound that we're not scared of anymore. I think we were, right around the Slang period of our career (in 1996). We were frightening to death of ourselves, I think — but not so much anymore. Y'know, so, they've got the classic Leppard trademark of big guitars, drums, vocal harmonies to the high heavens, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . high heavens y'know)

Joe Elliott On Def Leppard Still Sounding Like Themselves :