David Crosby Doubles Down On Condemnation Of Donald Trump


As part of his ongoing "Ask Croz" advice column in Rolling Stone, David Crosby doubled down on his contempt for the former, twice-impeached president, Donald Trump.

A reader named Shelia sent in a question, which asked, quote, "Did you ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, you were wrong about Trump? The economy was strong those four years, the Covid vaccines were developed, and America didn’t get entangled in any foreign wars. I know his personality was off-putting and he said dumb stuff, but isn’t it just possible he was a good president and you refused to let yourself see that?"

Crosby responded by writing, "No. It’s not. I’m offended by the fact he’s a child. I’m offended grossly by the fact that he’s a total racist. I’m offended even more by the fact that he’s never looked at a woman as anything other than a mouth and some t***. He doesn’t even know they are human beings. He’s an obnoxious person. He has absolutely no values at all. He’s all ego. No knowledge. No accomplishments. He never created anything."

He added, "I measure people by, 'What have they created? What have they done to help anyone else? Who do they love?' He doesn’t love anybody. He hasn’t created anything. He hasn’t made anything better at all. Also, there’s several inaccuracies in what you said. Entangled in foreign wars? Well, we didn’t get out of any either. And he definitely blew our relationship with Europe, which was our biggest bunch of allies, you dimwit."

Crosby went on to say, "I think you want to find an excuse for him. I think you’re probably another racist person and you’re looking for an excuse and for it to be OK. It’s not OK. His idea of what’s right and wrong is completely antithetical to me and the values that we started this country on."

The legendary singer/songwriter closed by stating: "I will remind you that all men are created equal. All women too. He doesn’t believe that. So he’s out of the picture for me right there. Not a good human being, not trying to be a good human being. So there. I seriously don’t like him, and I’m not about to start liking him."

David Crosby told us that big business has all but ruined the political process by showering politicians with money. Crosby told us that money has — for now — almost entirely polluted the U.S. Congress and portions of the U.S. Senate: ["What we're up against is money. Greed. The United States is a 'corporatocracy' at this point. It may not be at some point in the future, but right now, our congress has been bought. You can buy a congressman for the price of a good car. You can buy a senator for the price of two or three. The corporations can buy our congress, for what to them, is pocket money."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . is pocket money)

David Crosby On The State Of American Politics :