Dave Grohl Says He And Rivers Cuomo Are On ‘Opposite Ends’ Of Songwriting Spectrum


Dave Grohl dishes on some interesting interactions with other musicians over the years in his upcoming book, The Storyteller, due out October 5th. One such instance was with Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, he told Rolling Stone magazine, where he learned that when it comes to songwriting, the two musicians are "sort of on opposite ends of that spectrum."  

Grohl repeated their conversation, which took place a few years ago when Foo Fighters and Weezer toured Australia together. Grohl said,"(Cuomo) goes, 'Hey, so when you write songs, how do you do it?' I started explaining how we do it, which is pretty simple. I make some demos. I show them to the guys. And then we get together and play them. He says, 'Do you listen to top 40 radio?' I said, 'Now? Not really. I mean, unless I’m in the car with my kids, I guess.' He said, 'So you don’t write songs to try to get on top 40 radio?' And I said, 'No. I don’t think we’re allowed there! Do I expect to knock Cardi B off the fu**ing charts? Absolutely not.' I said, 'No, I kind of write songs for the stage or a setlist, and I write them for Foo Fighters fans.' And he said, 'Wow. So you write for the show?' And I said, 'Yeah, don’t you?' And I don’t think that he does. I think that we’re sort of on opposite ends of that spectrum. Which is funny."

Grohl is on the cover of the October issue of Rolling Stone.