Chrissie Hynde Working On Bob Dylan Covers Project


Chrissie Hynde says she's been tracking Bob Dylan tunes during the pandemic. Hynde and the Pretenders will release their latest studio set — Hate For Sale — on July 17th, and she revealed to The Sydney Morning Herald, "I live alone so it's been very inward-focused. (Pretenders lead guitarist) James (Walbourne) and I started recording songs, too — we plan to cover 10 Bob Dylan tracks and stream them via James's website. I do a rhythm track recorded on my phone and then he does his bit. My sound mixer, Chad Black in Wales, then does his bit." No start date for the digital dowloads has been announced.

Hynde spoke about how fruitful it's been for artists to be creating while in self-quarantine: "It's almost like another punk moment unfolding. Where you get rid of the excess, all the money and the bulls***, you're taking it back to what it really is. I've also been painting — I managed 50 in the past few months in isolation."

She was asked about how she sees life on the road once the pandemic is a thing of the past: "We had a 60-day tour planned with Journey, which won't happen now. Who knows when we will get out on the road, but we have to wait it out and I have faith things will come good again. If I could go out with a new line-up post-COVID it would include Lucinda Williams and Dave Gahan, formerly of Depeche Mode, who has a band called the Soulsavers."

Chrissie Hynde told us that in regards to songwriters, there's no one she rates above Bob Dylan: ["Dylan, he's just the greatest songwriter of all time, I think. You could do album after album of his songs. I mean, there's so many of his songs that I'd like to do. I could just keep doing them."] SOUNDCUE (:12 OC: . . . keep doing them)

Chrissie Hynde on Bob Dylan :