Bryan Adams Feels Challenged And Free At This Stage Of His Career


Bryan Adams feels that in today's climate veteran artists have much more freedom than they did 20 years ago. Ultimate-Guitar transcribed some of Adams' recent interview on Britain's BBC Radio 2, in which he talked candidly about the state of his and his peers' careers, explaining, "In some ways I feel more inspired now than ever to continue to make music because it's so much more challenging to get anything going. You're not really allowed, after you've had quite a bit of success, to carry on. It's very difficult to get magazines interested in you, it's all kinds of things. After you've been around, you'd think it'd be easy, but it's not, It's actually easier if you're 21."

Out now Bryan Adams' latest album, So Happy It Hurts, features him credited with vocals, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, drums, organ, percussion, and Fender Rhodes piano.

When pressed about accepting the state of the music business as it stands today, Adams said, "I don't accept anything, I really don't. I just get on with it, and accept that It's a bit like the wild west out there now with music. If you want to carry on, just carry on. I don't have to accept anyone's rules, I can make my own rules."

Bryan Adams admitted to us that his one rule in creating music — whether it was the classics he wrote back in the 1980's or today — is simply to please himself with his work: ["The reason I started writing was because I enjoyed the creative process of creating something from nothing. I worked with some superb people over the years, and always the mission was to try and create something that we like. The idea of trying to appeal to somebody else is impossible. You gotta write music for yourself."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . music for yourself)

Bryan Adams performs tonight and tomorrow (May 10th and 11th) at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Bryan Adams On Writing Music For Himself :