Black Sabbath Announces Vinyl Box Set For Paranoid’ 50th Anniversary


Set for release on October 9th is the 50th anniversary vinyl "Super Deluxe Edition" of Black Sabbath's 1970 Paranoid album. The five-LP box will include the original album, the rare 1974 Quad Mix of the album folded down to stereo — plus two 1970 concerts recorded in Montreux, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium, which make their vinyl debut.

The five-LP set comes with a hardbound book with extensive liner notes featuring interviews with all four band members, rare photos, and memorabilia, a poster, as well as a replica of the tour book sold during the Paranoid tour. The collection is selling for around $110.00.

Ozzy has been performing "Paranoid" going on 50 years, both with Sabbath and on his own, and told us a while back he never gets tired of singing it: ["I mean, I always play it every night onstage. It's sort of my theme, y'know. I mean, I love it. It's a great song. Believe me, if I didn't love playing it, I wouldn't play it."] SOUNDCUE (:08 OC: . . . wouldn't play it)

Ozzy Osbourne On Playing ‘Paranoid’ :