Aerosmith Set For 2022 Fenway Gig


Aerosmith's long-awaited 50th anniversary Fenway Park show will take place on September 8th, 2022. The concert, which was originally scheduled for September 18th, 2020, was pushed indefinitely due to the pandemic, but will now play nearly two years after its originally announced date.

The show, which follows the band's 15-date European tour, which takes in both indoor arenas and massive outdoor festivals, marks the band's only North American date on the books for the foreseeable future.

Steven Tyler told us a while ago, that when you're in a band — or any close relationship — as he's been with Joe Perry, creativity tends to trump the trouble: ["Y'know, sometimes differences do get in the way, but when we start playing together, it just is the truth of why we were both born and put on this planet. There's a lot of things that I hate Joe for saying and he hates me for saying, and things we've done back and forth, but this band is a band and married forever. S,o we may have our differences, but the marriage still holds, especially when there's a stage for us to get up on and rock out on."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . rock out on)

Steven Tyler Says Differences Won’t Break Up Aerosmith :