AC/DC’s Upcoming Album Likely Titled ‘PWR UP’


All signs are pointing to AC/DC's first album in six years being named PWR UP. NME reported that only the day after spotlighting a blinking neon thunderbolt on the band's social media platforms, the new "PWR UP" declaration has popped up in a few UK newspapers and uniquely, "on a poster located outside Sydney, Australia’s Ashfield Boys High School — where guitarist Angus Young spent his teenage years."

Frontman Brian Johnson told us that he's noticed one thing when watching footage of the group shot years ago: ["There's one important thing I think is very important, is we've never changed. The band has never, ever changed. As one interviewer said to Angus (Young), 'Y'know, you've made 15 albums, Angus, and they're all the same.' And Angus said, 'That's not true. We've made 17 albums, and they're all the same.'"] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . all the same)

Brian Johnson Says AC/DC Never Changes :