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SLTC Shares COVID-19 Protocol to Keep Staff, Students, and Community Safe


The Southeast Lineman's Training Center (SLTC) is getting ready to open for their next class and administration and employees have been working hard to ensure the safety of students and of the community.

     David Powell, one of the owners of Southeast Lineman Training Center, shared information regarding the school's safety measures during Friday's COVID-19 Update for the county. Powell first explained that SLTC has two programs - electrical line worker program and communications line worker program - both are considered critical infrastructure sectors by the federal government. Because utilities are considered part of critical infrastructure and due to the demand for workers in these areas, the schools are allowed to continue with training. The type of training they do cannot be done remotely. With that in mind, SLTC developed a protocol to respond to COVID-19, Powell said. 

     Before students even arrive in the county to start their training at SLTC, they have signed an agreement to commit to self-isolation for 14 days before they can enter the program, affirmed that they have not tested postive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days, are not currently waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test, have not been in close contact in the last 14 days with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, are not currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and do not live with anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

     Powell said students have been made aware that they will be dealing with stricter guidelines than any of the previous classes and some have taken the opportunity to withdraw and come at a later date. Once students arrive at SLTC, they will have a temperature check every day, they will limit non-essential travel and limit any travel to a 50 mile radius, and have agreed not to house, host or visit with travelers. Students must notify administration on any emergency travel and are aware they may have to submit to quarantine upon return to SLTC. Failure to follow all SLTC and local guidelines is a violation and students can be terminated from the program without a refund. Some have withdrawn to move to a later date. 

     Additional measures for SLTC, Powell said, include UV lights in air conditioners and on all campuses, an enhanced daily cleaning schedule of which students are part of, and a post class deep cleaning. Everything has been bleached or cleaned including decks and picnic tables.  SLTC has also developed an online curriculum for their students in order to teach all academic classes remotely if necessary. Powell said training held out in field is easy to maintain social distancing. Hand sanitzer stations have been been placed on campus and face masks for students to use while training and when in the community have been made available.  SLTC has also ordered enough tests for staff and students to be tested on arrival. 

     "We wanted to bring that for you to understand all the things we are doing," Powell said.

     A full video of Friday's COVID-19 update is available below.