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Positive COVID-19 Tests at Dade Health and Rehab; 4 Administrators, 1 Resident Being Re-tested

by: Summer Kelley

Five positive COVID-19 tests have been reported by Dade Health and Rehab on Sand Mountain.

Administrator Trina Massengale spoke during the Thursday, May 21 COVID-19 Update. Massengale said that based on the recommendation from the CDC, Medicaid and others the nursing home facility had started testing for COVID-19. Eight tests had been done originally and early Thursday morning she received communication that five of those tests had come back positive for active COVID-19.

Four of the positive tests are attributed to department heads who have limited contact with residents at the nursing home and who volunteered to be tested despite having no symptoms. The fifth positive test belongs to a resident who had no symptoms, except a sore throat, and has been isolated. The four employees were sent home immediately.

Massengale said the eight swab tests that were done came out of different packaging than other swab tests and there is some concern that these tests are a false positive. All five positive people have been re-tested as of 1:30 p.m. Thursday and they are awaiting those results.

"I have been in healthcare a long time and this is the worst crisis we have ever had to work through," Massengale said.

Dade Health and Rehab has been taking precautions since the beginning, according to Massengale, including gloves, masks and other protective equipment for nurses, screening of all staff before they enter the facility, and an ongoing infection control isolation unit to handle residents coming into and going out of the facility for hospitalizations and admits.

"Whatever i need, corporate is going to make sure I have it," Massengale said. "Cost is not a factor right now."

In April, members of the National Guard came to the facility and helped clean and disinfect everything - an assistance for nursing homes and long term care facilities provided by Governor Brian Kemp.

Massengale shared contact information if anyone had any questions or concerns. Her number is 706-657-4171.

"We are taking every precaution necessary to take care of the safety of the people taking care of your loved ones," Massengale said.

The full May 21 Update can be viewed below.

(Picture courtesy of Dade Health and Rehab Facebook Post, April 17) We had some very special people show up today at Dade Health and Rehab, the National Guard and Cathy Worley with Tapestry Hospice. The National Guard came to help thoroughly disinfect the hallways and common areas, and Cathy came to bring a little sunshine to the residents by drawing pictures on their windows. Thank you to these HEROES!!)