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Historically Speaking: Society Meets Saturday with Plans for Next Cemetery Walk on April 25

The Dade County Historical Society announces the third annual Cemetery Walk on the Saturday afternoon April 25.  This year will feature Sarah’s Chapel Cemetery in Morganville, Georgia.

This cemetery was begun in the early 1840’s by Joab McCollum. Some of the families represented are: Morgan, Lea, Bennett, Dugan, Hughes, Killian, McCollum, Hale, Waddell, and McCauley.

Also found there are members of an early African American family including Aunt Theny Brogdon who lived in Dade County for 85 years and died at age 103.

Veterans from the Civil War, World War I and World War II are buried there and will be highlighted.

     If you have interesting information or family memorabilia about persons buried in Sarah’s Chapel, then please contact someone at the Historical Society, so that we may scan or copy the information.

 Any information or contacts can be left at the desk at the Dade County Library.

     For more information see our Facebook page, Dade County Historical Society of Trenton, Georgia.

Many people are pictured in this old Sentinel photo.  The caption of the original begins, “Since days of yore, the first Sunday in May has been the time when many gathered at Sarah’s Chapel for the annual Memorial Service.”   Only two are known to those doing research.  First from the left is “Uncle” Martin Patterson who was at least 85 in this picture. He is the grandfather of Dorothy Patterson Hicks. He was also the father-in-law of the other person that could be identified, Ewell T. Brown.  The caption notes that Ewell was present after spending a few days in the hospital in Chattanooga.   Many may also recognize the fellow standing to the right of Ewell as Sheriff Allison Blevins.  We would be interested to know if anyone can name others in the picture.  Please join us on April 25 for a walk through this cemetery and watch for articles on the families which our Cemetery Walk will feature. (Photo is from the Sentinel circa 1975)

     The Historical Society will hold its first business meeting of 2020 for the year on Saturday morning, Feb. 29, 2020.  The meeting will begin at 10:30 and should end by noon.  We will discuss our calendar for 2020. We will also discuss our research on Sarah’s Chapel, so far.  We encourage anyone who is interested in the history of Dade County to become a member and join us on Saturday at the library at 10:30.