The Money Pit

The Money Pit

The Money Pit

About The Money Pit

But before we jump in, let’s start here: a Money Pit is not a house. It’s a home!

A Money Pit home is not a disaster. It’s an asset! It’s an asset that can sometimes feel like an endless pit into which money is thrown. If you have kids, you know that feeling.

It’s also not to be confused with the crumbling home featured in the movie, or even the Oak Island buried treasure that’s been alluding pirates, treasure hunters and a wide array of scoundrels since the 1790’s.

Much like raising kids, owning a Money Pit is a combination of love, pride and heart-stopping fear—the latter most often occurring when it’s time to remodel.

So, whether you live in a big house, little house, condo, coop apartment or yurt — when we say Money Pit, its a term of endearment!  It’s a place you love and while it needs constant care and feeding (yes, again – like kids, can you guess we have a bunch?) it’s a place that reflects the best you!

And that’s where we come in.  We’re here to serve as coach, helper or home improvement therapist for your home remodeling, decor or fix up projects.

Through our website, podcast and national radio show, we take calls, posts, emails and questions scribbled on blocks of wood from homeowners across America trying to figure out how to manage their Money Pit.

We’d say those questions fall into three different categories:

  • People who haven’t started their home improvement project yet, looking for a little advice
  • People who are in the middle of their project and wish they had called us sooner.
  • People who have completed their project and DEFINITELY wish they had called us sooner.

People in the first group are excited. People in the second group are stressed. People in the third group are getting a divorce.

We’re just kidding, pretty much, but there’s no doubt home improvements are stressful. Any time you put money and emotion together, you’re pretty much guaranteed an extreme time of it. It gets the adrenaline pumping.

Ready to dive in? Look around your home. Go in each room, walk around the outside, step out to the back yard or the curb (watch out for that beer truck) and reach out to us for tips, advice, ideas or inspiration to improve your Money Pit.