Weekly COVID Report for the Dade County School System


A message from Dr. Jan Harris, Superintendent of Dade County Schools, came out Friday afternoon. The message included the latest COVID update from the school system for September 5 – September 11, 2020.

Positive Cases: 5 (2 Students, 3 Staff)
Quarantined: 90 (81 Students, 9 Staff)
Davis Quarantined: 2 Students and 1 Staff
DES Quarantined: 50 Students and 3 Staff
DES Positive Cases: 1 Student and 1 Staff
DMS Quarantined: 9 Students and 1 Staff
DCHS Quarantined: 20 Students and 4 Staff
DCHS Positive Cases: 1 Student and 2 Staff
If anyone has questions, parents and employees should contact their principal when issues arise. The principal, nurse, HR rep, and superintendent will work collaboratively with the Department of Public Health to advise.