Unemployment Rates Continue to Drop for the Northwest Georgia Region


For the second month in a row, unemployment rates in the Northwest Georgia Region have dropped.

At the height of the COVID-19 shutdown in April, unemployment was 12.9% for the region and 11.9% for the state with Dade at 7.7% – almost triple what the slightly elevated unemployment numbers in March were. The May unemployment information has been released by the Georgia Department of Labor and the numbers look better than in April, when numbers were almost triple March unemployment rates.

Dade has held the lowest unemployment rate for the Northwest Georgia Region for the last two months and continues to maintain the lowest unemployment rate as June numbers were released by the Georgia Department of Labor. Dade shows an unemployment rate of 4.6% for the month of June with 356 people in Dade’s workforce out of work. The statistics for May showed that out of 7,752 workers in Dade’s labor force, 433 were unemployed.

Overall, the state has reported an unemployment rate for June of 7.6%, which is lower than the national average of 11.9%. In our area unemployment rates reported for Catoosa are 5.1%, Chattooga at 10.5%, Walker at 5.6%, and Whitfield with 7.5%.

(Map from the Georgia Department of Labor at dol.georgia.gov.)