U.S. 11’s Antique Alley to Run from May 12 – May 15


Thursday, May 12th marks the first day of the 4-day event spanning 5 states known as “Antique Alley.” The event brings over 30,000 unique visitors to the 502-mile route along Highway 11; spanning from Meridian, Mississippi to Bristol, Virginia.

Since 1997, every post-Mother’s Day weekend, U.S. 11’s Antique Alley has brought hundreds of thousands of visitors to historic cities along the route such as Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Dade County, Georgia lies in the very middle of that 502-mile extent; and as such Dade County proudly hosts the official website for the event.

For more information, go to us11antiquealley.org and enjoy the weekend’s antiquing.

by Orey Yates