Trenton City Sewer Rates Increasing


Trenton City Council has approved an increase in City Sewer rates at their July meeting. Sewer and Water prices will move from $17.26 to $17.31 for the first 2999 gallons of water consumed; a $0.05 increase. For every 1000 gallons above 3000, the price will increase $3.06 per/1000 gallons consumed.

This increase directly affects all customers on the City of Trenton sewage system. The increase comes in response to the many issues facing the city’s sewer system. For the last decade, the city has had to take money out of the City general fund just to balance the sewer budget.

Mayor Case said the sewage system requires several upgrades; and they have been actively visiting surrounding cities such as Scottsboro to research solutions to the many problems. According to the mayor, the city will be using grant money, loans, American Recovery Act funds, and more to upgrade the system that was built back in the 1980s; a project that could run into the millions of dollars. Trenton’s sewage system has reached “crisis” levels, he remarked.

Lucretia Houts said that she hopes to put the increase into effect as soon as August, but most likely will be September. Mayor Case stated that our prices were still 4 times less than that of surrounding counties. He remarked that single-person households and the elderly will likely not notice much of a change, dependent upon usage.

by Orey Yates