Tiny Home Ordinance Amended and Request Made for Holiday Liquor Sales


Tiny Home Ordinance Amended and Request Made for Holiday Liquor Sales


After several months of discussion, Trenton City Commissioners approved the city’s Tiny Home Ordinance. The structure must be a minimum of 100 sq ft, a site-built structure, and follow all required city codes. The small homes may only be built on metal frames with wheels in the R5 zones of the city. Site-built tiny homes are constricted to R1 and R2 zones.

The owners of two liquor stores in the City of Trenton asked commissioners if they could be allowed to sale liquor on Sunday during the holidays this year. Vic Barot of Vic’s Wine and Spirits and Sam Patel of Trenton Liquors explained that the holidays were the two biggest days of sales for liquor stores and this year Christmas and New Years fall on Sunday. The businessmen had asked Commissioner Monda Wooten who forwarded their request to Mayor Alex Case. Case said the city’s attorney was looking at the situation. Sunday Sales had been passed by voters, but only from 12:30 pm to 11 pm on Sundays and package sales and liquor were prohibited in the city ordinance. Case said the attorney was trying to determine if sales other than malt beverages and wine could be included or if a referendum would need to go before voters. If a referendum was needed, then the answer for this year would be no. Case said they would let them know when they had more information.

Commissioners approved all items on the consent agenda including the purchase of 4 inch fire hose and related items for the lowest bid of $7,561 from Tennesee Fire and the purchase of six printers, mounts, ans car adaptors for the police cars with Trenton City Police Department. Both purchases are to be made with SPLOST funds.

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