T-SPLOST Will Appear on November 8 Ballot


On the 2nd of June, the Dade County Board of Commissioners held their monthly meeting; during which it was discussed and resolved that Dade County, in an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Trenton would be bringing a resolution to reconsider T-SPLOST on the November 8 ballot. This won’t be the first time that T-SPLOST has been on the ballot in Dade County. In May of 2018, voters shot down the special local option sales tax by a percentage of 58-42. However, since that time there have been several road projects that funds collected by T-SPLOST would contribute to; and the commissioners are willing to put it back on the ballot due to public outcry for forward momentum in road projects.

During each meeting, the Board of Commissioners approve resolutions such as those to appoint/reappoint members to other governmental boards or approve SPLOST Capital Equipment (if any).

Mr. Tad Evearitt of the Public Library Board of Trustees was one such reappointment; Evearitt will enjoy a term of three more years on the board.

Mrs. Patty Murphy was appointed County Safety Coordinator; with responsibilities including:

1. Establishing and Coordinating safety meetings and self-inspections to identify safety related hazards;
2. Coordinating and implementing safety rules and training for supervisors and employees and/or making recommendations to management regarding such items;

3. Reviewing and/or investigating all employee accidents for causes and making recommendations for improvements and corrections;

4. Conducting periodic safety self-inspections of all vehicles, buildings, grounds, equipment and machinery, and work practices and conditions to determine potential injury exposures;

5. Documenting and maintaining inspection records and implementing any follow up actions

SPLOST equipment approved included 2 Paladin Mobile Grid Displays for the Public Library, a 2021 Ford F-150 Truck for use in field team inspections by the Board of Assessors, an Avigilon Camera Server security system for the Senior Center, and general equipment for Dade County Mountain Rescue including radio harnesses and a generator.

You can watch the entire workshop and regular meeting below:

by Orey Yates