State Senator Colton Moore banned from the Georgia House Chambers at the State Capital Thursday


State Senator Colton Moore was banned from the Georgia House Chambers at the State Capital Thursday.  Senators were debating a resolution that would have allowed a building on the University of North Georgia’s campus to have been named for former House Speaker David Ralston who passed away late last year. Senator Moore went to the well of the senate and denounced Ralston as “one of the most corrupt Georgia leaders we’ll ever see in our lifetime.” The Senate approved SR 687 in a vote of 53 to 1 – Moore being the only vote against. The Republican leader in the senate, John Kennedy of Macon apologized for Moore’s comments.

Former Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston was also being honored  in the Georgia House of Representatives. Members of Ralston”s family and others were in attendance for the unveiling of a portrait of Ralston that will hang in  House chambers.  Later in the day, House Speaker Jon Burns announced Moore was banned from the House chambers or on any property of the Georgia House. Burns, with the support of the House Minority Leader, received a standing ovation by the House for his actions.

We contacted Moore for additional comment his statement is as follows: “It is not good to honor the wicked or to be unfair to the innocent” Proverbs 18:5.  “David Ralston’s actions were wicked. I’m honored to stand with the victims he denied justice.”
Moore has already been suspended from his own party’s caucus in September of 2023 for multiple violations of rules according to the caucus.
 By Summer Kelly