Nov. 13, 2020
Senator Jeff Mullis – Statement
Senator Jeff Mullis (R)- Chickamauga, GA.:
“This afternoon, many so-called
“news” networks are calling the race in Georgia for Joe Biden. I think it is
important to remember that until the re-count(s) are completed, and legal
challenges are settled, the results in Georgia are not final. This is simply another
attempt by the fake news media to pressure conservatives into submission. Media
elitist don’t decide our elections, the people do.
During my first campaign for office in 1998, I went to bed on election night
winning. Many days later, more ballots were mysteriously found and of those
ballots, the Democrat candidate won the vast majority. This alleged fraud cost me
that election and now it appears liberal operatives are attempting to do the same
thing to President Donald Trump. I intend to put these old tricks of the far left to
Over the course of the next few months we all must focus on three objectives:
1. Ensure every LEGAL vote in Georgia is indeed counted and every
ILLEGAL vote is thrown out.
2. Rally our friends and family to vote in the  runoff for Public
Service Commissioner Bubba McDonald and for Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler January 5th .
3. Push for meaningful election security reform in the upcoming session.
The first two objectives will be my focus in the coming weeks, and I will be
releasing more details on my upcoming election security legislation before the end of the year.
In the words of V.P. Mike Pence, “It ain’t over till it’s over… and this ain’t over!”
– Senator Jeff Mullis